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History of OFS

Dr. Dorothy Stewart and husband, Bob Buhl, founders of Old Firehouse School, opened the Lafayette school in 1996. This was a lifetime dream.

Old Firehouse School (OFS) has accomplished much in its first 10 years. Recently, we won the Bay Area Parent Readers Choice award as the Best Preschool in the East Bay.

Old Firehouse is renowned throughout California and hosts approximately 300 educators a year who have traveled from as far away as Guatemala to study its facilities and methods.

In the Fall of 2004, OFS opened its second school in Mill Valley, California. It too is receiving accolades from the parents.

OFS is in much demand by parents, with long waiting lists in most of its classrooms in both schools. Currently approximately 170 families are enrolled in the three schools. With the exception of the children moving on to kindergarten, 95% of year 2005 families are returning to the schools.

Old Firehouse is nationally known for its Staff Stability Plan, which is partly responsible for its extremely low staff turnover.