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Part 3:

Hello: Celebrating Reunion:

Mr. Bear’s final postcard with the announcement of his return to Lafayette sparked an air of excitement. The children wanted to celebrate his return with a party, a “Bear Party.” The whole school became involved in planning the party. For the Dragon Room, part of the planning for the celebration included making special crowns exclusively for the event.

Meanwhile, the Big Room Kids decided to put on a play, “The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in honor of Mr. Bear’s return.

The children watched as the Dragon Room’s older peers presented the story. At the end of the story Goldilocks jumps out of the little bear’s bed and runs away from the bears, leaving behind her own stuffed teddy. Upon watching this scene, a child yelled out, “Hey that’s Mr. Bear!” pointing to the stuffed teddy bear left in the bed. Our friend Mr. Bear had returned!

It was quite a surprise for the children. The children gave him a cheer, and as Dorothy passed him around, each child gave Mr. Bear a welcome back kiss.

In addition to the play, our celebration included the showing of our “Mommy and Daddy Comes Back” video. Throughout the weeks before the party, the children viewed videos of their parents expressing how much they missed their child and reminding them that Mommy/Daddy will be picking you up this afternoon… I love you.”

The children were able to see where their parents worked and to hear their comforting words while at work. During this time we videotaped the children’s responses. With both parent and child videos, we put together a culminating video which also included them singing our favorite song, “ My Mommy and Daddy Comes Back.” In honor of our friend, we also decided to add Mr. Bear to our song and sing “Mr. Bear comes Back.”

Lyrics to:
“Mommy and Daddy Comes Back”

Sometimes my mommy/daddy takes me over
To another friend’s house to play
Sometimes I only stay a little while,
Sometimes I stay all day.

Sometimes I worry when they leave me,
I hope they won’t be too long.
But when I’m playing with a friend and having fun,
I forget that they’re gone.

Sometimes I visit with my grandma
when mommy/daddy goes somewhere.
We bake some cookies and we read a book,
rocking in a rocking chair.

But my mommy/daddy comes back,
They always come back,
They always come back to get me.
My mommy/daddy always comes back,
They always come back.
They never will forget me.

***Coordinating Teachers: Grace Angel & Paula Bryson