Application Process


1.  The first part of the application process is to attend an Open House or come in for a tour.  Open Houses are held in Walnut Creek and Lafayette in January and February, and tours in Mill Valley are given throughout the year.  During this time, you will get to hear about our attachment philosophy and our project-based emergent curriculum. 

Tours/Open Houses are usually 1-1 ½ hours long and are for adults only.  It is only after the tour/open houses that we give out applications. Enrollment is ongoing.  The school year begins in September, but we will continue to enroll throughout the year if availability exists.

2.  Once we have your application we will see if there is a space for your child.  If it looks like we have a space, we will offer you a chance to come and observe in the classroom, again without your child.  Observations are done in the morning, and last between 30-45 minutes.  This is an opportunity for you to see the classroom in action; you can see some of our routines with the children, and talk with some of the teachers.  We discourage bringing your child so you can focus your full attention on the classroom environment and social interactions.  We also spend some time with you to determine your needs and fit with the school.

3.  After the tour and observation, if we determine that your family would be a good match for OFS, we will extend an invitation to you to register your child! 

Old Firehouse Schools are owned by a small, family-run corporation. 
We reserve the right to serve the families that are most supportive of our values and program.