Nutrition with Cary Berkley

Sometimes it can seem like an uphill battle to get children to eat! Nutritionist and former OFS parent Cary Berkley talks with Dorothy about how to help your children eat better and why it can be such a challenge. Get some really good, interesting tips about making mealtimes more pleasant for everyone.

For more information on Cary's work, or to consult with her, check out her website:

Mindfulness with Maylis and Katherine

Mindfulness has been a part of Old Firehouse School's work with children for many years. Alex talks with Katharine Peck (OFS Mill Valley)and Maylis Treuil (OFS Lafayette) about how and why they use mindfulness in their classroom, both for the children and for themselves. Being able to be present in the moment is a skill that you can develop at any age. They share some activities they use with children and also some other resources.

Some of the resources they mentioned are here: 
Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents)
I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde
What Does It Mean to Be Present? by Rana DiOrio and Eliza Wheeler
Go Noodle (YouTube channel with some yoga and self-regulation exercises)

The Importance of Relationships

OFS Mill Valley Director Amy Baker interviews Dorothy, who discusses the importance of attachment. People have an innate need to feel love and be connected to others, and these attachments are formed in the earliest years in our lives. Dorothy talks about how our parenting is affected by how we were parented, as well as how advancements in neuroscience support attachment relationships.

Darcy Campbell Creativity

Darcy Campbell, director of Cow Hollow School in San Francisco, discusses with us the value and necessity of creativity -- specifically in how children can be creative thinkers. The early years are crucial times in which to allow children to explore, think creatively and critically, and to be okay with "not-knowing." Building the children's capacity for creativity means that we are giving them skills to be problem solvers and to not shy away from challenges.

Liza Cohen Perspective Taking

Lizz Cohen Perspective Taking

Join Dorothy and Alex as they talk to Lizz Cohen, an Old Firehouse School Mill Valley teacher, who recently presented a workshop on perspective taking with young children. How children are able to understand the world beyond their own wants is something that we can help develop with very careful and thoughtful language.

Fireside Chat on the Young Mind

Fireside Chat on the Young Mind: Anti-Bias Education with Nadiyah Taylor

Welcome to our first podcast! Here you will find conversations on topics that affect young children in school and at home. In this podcast, you will hear Dr. Dorothy Stewart and Alexandra Dutton talk with Nadiyah Taylor about anti-bias education. Nadiyah discusses how to talk about prejudice with children and help them be open to the many ways that people live in our world.