OFS Mission Statement

At Old Firehouse School we believe that the “quality” of one’s childhood predicts much about the “quality” of one’s future. Therefore, our goal is to give each child in our care a childhood rich in the kinds of experiences and relationships which optimally prepare them for their life’s journey.

Our program is based on a solid foundation of scientific theory, research and professional practice in the field of child development. Our teachers are highly skilled professionals who understand child development and respect children as individuals. Their concern is wide and deep, for they care about “the whole child”: heart, mind, spirit and body.

Although the kinds of experiences we offer vary dramatically from age to age, each is designed to nurture children’s curiosity, self confidence and independence. For instance, teachers in our infant toddler program focus on establishing stable and intrinsically rewarding relationships with each baby, for we believe that securely attached babies become more curious and independent toddlers and preschoolers.

Trust, autonomy and verbal skills are the core values of our toddler and two year old program, for we believe that each is necessary for the smooth development of the ego. For our three’s and fours we emphasize initiative, language and thinking skills and activities designed to encourage the development of rich imaginations.

Our preschool acknowledges that each of these attributes predicts much about the child’s future academic and social development. The school-age program focuses on providing individual children with the kinds of emotional, physical, and academic skills which bests support them in their ongoing lives. For some this might translate in to special tutoring in academics and sports for others it might translate to friendship making skills.

At the Old Firehouse School we believe that young children are not developmentally ready to handle the fierce competitiveness in our world. For this reason, we are committed to providing our children with many non-competitive opportunities for self expression through art, music and drama.

The Old Firehouse School is a unique haven
for children, families, and educators
who seek an enriched and caring atmosphere for the nurturing of human potential.