What Educators Say About Our School

"In my years as a teacher, preschool director a college instructor, I have seldom seen an early childhood program which so embodies all that we know about what is "good" for young children. In the past ten years, I've brought hundreds of my college students to Old Firehouse School. They are always awed by the warmth, dedication and professionalism of the staff. This school is a symbol and inspiration to all early childhood educators."

-Deya Brashears, Diablo Valley College
Author of:  "Circle Time Activities", "Dribble Drabble Art Activities", "More Dribble Drabble", "Challenging Biases"

"....a beautifully designed preschool environment! It feels calm and organized, while at the same time, it stimulates children's creativity, curiosity, and social interaction. The staff seems very knowledgeable and sensitive to children of varying abilities. The children and the staff are obviously having lots of fun, and it's uplifting to be there."

-Rona Weintraub,
Speech and Language Therapist in Mill Valley

"Dr. Dorothy Stewart and I have been friends and colleagues since graduate school at UC Berkeley. Although Dorothy has taught many courses at the university level, she was always most interested in putting theory and research into practice, which she has done with the extraordinary Old Firehouse Schools. This year I have taken on the role of an official trainer for the Infant Toddler Caregivers at Old Firehouse School. Consequently, I've had a chance to observe the teachers at work. They are truly model teachers and understand child development and learning in a sophisticated way. I heartily recommend Old Firehouse School to parents looking for the highest quality program for their children."

Patricia Nourot, Ph.D
Trainer for West Ed / Program for Infant Toddler Caregivers at Sonoma State University
Co-author of
"Play at the Center of the Curriculum"

"Old Firehouse Schools are simply superb. Even John Dewey, America’s pre-eminent education theorist, would be pleased with them. Dewey believed that “learning is learning to think” and that young children learn to think through carefully guided playful experiences. Old Firehouse Schools’ emphasis on attachment and project-based learning combines the best of what we know is good for children.
I have been closely involved in the development of both schools. Teachers and staff are outstanding in warmth and professionalism. Old Firehouse Schools offer children and their families the opportunity to belong to an early learning community that ensures lifelong benefits."

-Lyda Beardsley, Ph.D.
Director of the Trio Foundation
Author of:
"Good Day/Bad Day: The Child’s Experience of Child Care"
(Teachers College Press, Columbia University)